"I Innovate" is a story about you

What is it

"I Innovate" is a project featuring people's stories about their experience with innovation. You will see what being innovative looks like. We demonstrate the different perception of innovation, the uniqueness of the creative thinking. We show what it looks like to us and how individual it is. Everyone who is interested in the results of this experiment can get involved by answering 25 questions and leaving information about the field you work in.

How we do it

There is a technology, a scientific approach and an artistic creativity behind this. The creative piece is born in the intersection of science and art. We use creative writing done by you and your answers to our questions, computer technology to analyze this information and transform from words to graphic and color. Then we use an artist's prospective view to develop a resulting image. 

What's coming up!

Every piece has its story, basic description and person's emotion in relation to innovation. We will post it soon.