Art for Innovation's streams

I Innovate

This is a project about stories and experiences of innovation in people's lives. We all live in a new environment and bring new ideas to life. We will demonstrate you how innovative you are. We encourage you to grow it. You will see for yourself what your innovation looks like.

Art for 3e

Our 3 "e"s on the road to innovation are: education, electronic and ecologic. Education, constant learning, personal and professional growth lead to conscious future. Electronic and ecologic go together in search for sustainable future. New wave of electronic cyber development is to affect how all things are done, let's get involved.


Art pieces and visualization got you inspired, involved and made you wonder? If you want to learn more and ready to go deeper you need a starting point. We provide interactive sessions, we educate in the form of storytelling, we can guide you through the world of innovation and help you develop your plan for emergence.